Let us get this straight.  It is 2016 and folks are mad that Spider Man’s bae Mary Jane will be portrayed by the beautiful (and Power 100-affiliated) Zendaya?  Man, it’s clear we have much more diversity work to do.  **rolling up collective sleeves**

In our continuing quest to diversify Hollywood, EBONY teamed up with the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) in a Webisode series offering candid insights and actual solutions.

To recap, we’ve talked to the producers.  Next up, we had the reps (agents, lawyers, studio executives and casting folk).  And now, we focus on those with the power to distribute content creators of color.

Nikkole Denson-Randolph, Vice President of Special and Alternative Content for AMC Theaters/Entertainment joined  Malik Ducard, YouTube’s Global Head of Family and Learning to share how Black creatives can get noticed in a sea of social media-boosted film and TV projects. They also talk about their specific roles in getting just due for the talented on-camera and behind-the-scenes talent in the marketplace.

Our Editor-in-Chief, SVP of Digital Editorial Kyra Kyles co-moderates the conversation with Gil Robertson, president and co-founder of AAFCA.  Tune in and see how you can either amplify your product or leverage your own eyeballs to colorize the industry, digital, traditional and beyond.