Late-night comedy duo Desus and Mero appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this morning and were met with some hostility by DJ Envy. Envy confronted the two men for making “disrespectful” comments about his wife during one of the episodes of their late-night show. A clip of DJ Envy’s appearance on The Real was shown where Envy’s wife says, “I knew him as Raashaun, my husband at home not as the street DJ Envy.” As he watched the clip, Desus snidely replied, “Yeah, but you know them DJ Envy checks.” Envy let both Desus and Mero know that the comment was unwarranted and also disrespectful. He demanded an apology for the comment.

Desus apologized for the comment but the pair clarified that they joke and provide cultural commentary on their show. The DJ still appeared to be bothered as Charlamagne and Angela Yee continued the interview. As his co-hosts continued to laugh it up with their guest, Envy storms out of the room.

Desus & Mero airs weeknights on Viceland.