They may not want us to win, but DJ Khaled did!

Born Khaled Khaled, DJ Khaled, the music executive, business mogul and internationally successful artist , took to the 305 to announce several groundbreaking initiatives that he will be jumpstarting in 2023. Fresh off the hype of his 2023 Grammy Award performance of "God Did" alongside Jay-Z, John Legend, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Fridayy, the multimedia mogul prepared a grandiose occasion as elaborate as his plans for the year.

The founder of We The Best—an umbrella encompassing all of his interconnected brands and endeavors—flew out members of the media from across multiple outlets to take part in the press conference. EBONY was in the mix for the momentous occasion.

Taking place at Mr. Chow's inside the W South Beach Hotel, the press conference's "blue carpet" welcomed a diverse selection of journalists, influencers and music luminaries.

With a personalized message from his close friend Diddy, DJ Khaled entered the venue and took his place at the podium. After thanking those in attendance for their time and support, he spoke heavily of the power of manifestation and hard work in the effort of making goals come true. He followed up with the importance of building strong relationships and how they can carry you far as well. "This is about business, family, but above all relationships. When you have a great friendship, it's forever,” said Khaled.

DJ Khaled at his recent We the Best press conference. Image: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Over the course of an hour and a half, he crafted a cohesive narrative that painted the picture of what was to come from his brands and the community impact they would have, specifically in his hometown of Miami. The acclaimed DJ announced that he would be returning to Def Jam Recordings to release his forthcoming album. Additionally, he announced his new role as a global creative consultant for Universal Music Group under the leadership of Sir Lucian Grange. This exclusive partnership will allow him to conjoin his We The Best label under Def Jam's respected moniker and continue to expand his repertoire as a business and an artist.

The iconic music legend Quincy Jones was present via video to give kudos to Khaled for his work and give his full support of his efforts.

Khaled also announced that 2023 will bring about a new Air Jordan partnership that would mark the succession of his previous release with the cultural footwear brand that dropped last year. Air Jordan's Reggie Silas took to the stage as well to echo DJ Khaled's sentiments, speak about the brand's alignment with him and the intentional financial commitment they have made to the Black community as an output of their partnership.

He also announced a collaboration with European footwear and apparel store Snipes would be making its way to South Beach this summer. Set to be named We The Best Powered By Snipes, this store will not only be a retailer for popular designer wear but also be home to DJ Khaled's offices and a small recording studio of his future projects and collaborators to utilize.

Young Guru later joined the stage to speak to the work DJ Khaled had done with the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports and Entertainment at Long Island University. Khaled then announced that through his West The Best Foundation, he would be able to offer a full-ride, four-year scholarship to a student seeking to attend the institution. Applications officially opened for this opportunity following the event and would be available until 11:59 pm ET on April 15, 2023. 

“Me and my queen ever since we been together, even before we met each other, we both had a love for giving back. Giving back has always been a priority in my life and her life," shared DJ Khaled. "We’re raising our kids to see that you have to work hard but also always give back and show love. We have a team that works year-round nonstop on how can we give back, do more, uplift, inspire, motivate and hug all the kids in need. Inspire them to keep going and not just the kids, but also the families, the mothers and fathers and give out scholarships.”

At the end of the press conference, both the mayor of Miami Beach and Mayor of Miami gave DJ Khaled keys to the city for his accomplishments and commitment to giving back to where his roots are planted.