DJ Khaled has joined forces with Get Schooled to announce their new initiative, Key to Social Change. The scholarship campaign encourages high school and college students to use social media to impact positive changes within their communities.

Khaled announced the new program while receiving Viacom’s 2018 Social Impact Award.

“Now more than ever, we must unite and use our voices to drive change,” said the megaproducet/record label exec. “Get Schooled and Viacom have become family to me, and we’ll continue our work to help young people use their talent and leadership for good.”

Key to Social Change will be the latest of eight “major keys” for academic success that Khaled and Get Schooled have developed. It will serve to provide lessons on the best practices for content development, effective digital communications and platform selection. Students will then have to apply these lessons to a social cause through their own social media campaigns. Winners will be selected and given scholarships based on the best illustration of the positive impact of digital content.

The program will launch on April 2 and will award more than $20,000 in scholarships.