While several rumors have been circulating regarding an impending split between celebrity couple Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons, the two have yet to publicly address the situation until now. In an exclusive statement, Housou has addressed the matter: 

"It has come to my attention vicious lies and stories are being spread about myself and my family. I do not know, nor have I ever met this person. To that extent any and all claims are totally fabricated and for the press to be spreading these lies is irresponsible on their part. I am a man of integrity and would never betray my wife or my family."

Apparently, it was not the published articles speculating a divorce that got to the actor. But instead, Kola Boof's bold and very public accusations of Housou's infidelity sparked Hounsou to speak up. Recently, Boof had taken to Twitter, telling her followers and tweeting to Hounsou and Simmons herself that she, in fact, was the real cause for the couple's reported divorce. 

“Their marriage is over no matter how many photo ops they stage,” Boof tweeted. “And as I’ve said before — I slept with Djimon more in the last year than Kimora did."

To back up her claim, Boof reportedly plans to expose the actor's infidelity in the upcoming days. Simmons has yet to publicly respond to any of the reports or allegations.