DL Hughley doesn’t bite his tongue for anyone. Recently, what’s got the author and radio host all worked up is the recent killing of Black people by police. Wednesday, Hughley gave a pair of interviews that made his stance on the need for police reform and the problematic “All lives matter” sentiment crystal clear.

Last night, Hughley stopped by Fox News and got into a heated exchange with Megyn Kelly that culminated in the radio host insisting, “The only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department.”

After Kelly claimed the comedian insulted millions of people with his comments about the network, Hughley fired back that the feeling was mutual.

“You know what, I’m insulted by the things I hear on this network, so we’re even,” Hughley retorted. “I could care less about insulting people that insult me on a daily basis.”

While Fox News isn’t the most welcoming of dissenting positions and always seems to support police conduct, no matter what, Kelly insisted that it’s “dangerous” to judge an entire group by the actions of a few.

“It’s very dangerous when you get to the point where you paint an entire group with the same brush based on the bad actions of a few.”

Given Fox News’ biased coverage, Hughley found Kelly’s comments quite hypocritical.

“That is amazing to hear on this network. That really is,” said Hughley, shaking his head. “That really is amazing to hear on this network.”

Things were considerably calmer when Hughley stopped by CNN to discuss why saying, “All lives matter” in response to those who proclaim, “Black Lives Matter” is offensive.

“You cannot tell me all lives matter when some are treated distinctly different,” Hughley said correctly.

Hughley gets it. So, why is it so hard for others to understand?