DMX In "Vegetative State" Following Heart Attack

Rapper DMX, birth name Earl Simmons, was hospitalized Friday following a heart attack, the New York Times reports. Simmons' former manager Nakia Walker, said that he was in a "vegetative state" Sunday. Multiple outlets have reported that the heart attack was triggered by a drug overdose; however, representatives for Simmons have not confirmed said reports.

Relatives of the "How's It Goin' Down" rapper have scheduled a vigil outside of the White Plains hospital, where he remains on life support, for Monday at 5 pm ET, according to TMZ.

Doctor Who Pronounced George Floyd Dead Testifies That "Asphyxia" Was Likely The Cause

Dr. Bradford T. Wankhede Langenfeld, the emergency room physician who worked on George Floyd for a half-hour before pronouncing him dead at the Hennepin County Medical Center testified Monday that "asphyxia" was likely the cause of Floyd's death, the New York Times reports.

Dr. Langenfeld's testimony followed those of two paramedics who told jurors that Floyd's heart had stopped by the time they arrived at the scene of his arrest and checked his vitals.

Fantasia Barrino Hospitalized After Early Contractions

Fantasia Barrino has been hospitalized for what appears to be premature labor. The singer, who is six months pregnant with her third child, took to Instagram Monday to share that she has been experiencing a series of contractions, which have landed her in the hospital.

"Good Morning, We've been in the hospital all day," Barrino told fans. "We have to stay in the hospital for a while. My baby girl thinks she's missing something out here, but she's got to stay in a little longer."

Barrino announced that she is expecting a child with her husband, Kendall Taylor, last November.

Stockton Police Accused Of "Viciously" Beating Black Teen

The parents of a Stockton, California teen has filed a federal lawsuit against the Stockton Police department in which they accuse officers of "viciously" beating their son during a 2020 arrest, NBC News reports.

During the beating, which was caught on video, Devin Carter, can be heard crying out in pain and telling officers that he is "not resisting." Two officers were fired behind the incident.

Earth, Wind, & Fire and The Isley Brothers Verzuz Was A Night To Remember

Viewers were not the least bit disappointed by the Earth, Wind, & Fire and The Isley Brothers Verzuz battle. The Easter Sunday showdown was nostalgic, to say the least, as the iconic groups doled out hit after hit during the Steve Harvey-hosted battle, which lasted close to four hours.