"Who's Your Daddy" is the name of a quick DNA test that allows those with concerns to walk up to a truck to find out if their children are actually biologically theirs. "They flag us down, they pull us over, they talk to us," owner and operator Jared Rosenthal said Wednesday. "Sometimes, because of the nature of the services, they want to be a little more discreet about it, but they do come or they'll call the number." 

When asked by CBS 2's Dave Carlin why he was taking the DNA test from the traveling truck, one unidentified man explained, "I'm paying child support anyways and I would do it anyways. You just want to know." Rosenthal maintained that his credentials are legitimate and that his business is legal. And, as you might imagine, wherever Rosenthal's truck goes it attracts attention. Reactions namely range from people saying, "How could he?" to others saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" For those interested, the DNA tests cost between $299 and $575 and require a simple cheek swag from each participant.