The host of a Sirius XM radio show is among those mentioned in a series of controversial leaked e-mails that have been the focus of the beginning of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The e-mails were made public by WikiLeaks late last week and apparently show attempts by Democratic National Committee staffers to harm the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders. The scandal that has ensued has resulted in the resignation of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz from her position after the convention.

Mark Thompson, who hosts the satellite network’s show “Make It Plain,” was referred to as a “Bernie Bro” in an e-mail thread by staffers when he requested an interview with Wasserman Schultz to discuss accusations of money laundering by the DNC to support the Hillary Victory Fund.

“Bernie Bros” are categorized as overly zealous mainly White, male Sanders supporters who have been publically critical of Hillary Clinton and her supporters. Thompson is African American and has not been connected to Sanders’ campaign although he has been characterized as sympathetic to it.

“We simply wanted to schedule and interview with the Chair to respond to the Sanders campaign allegations of money laundering,” Thompson told EBONY.  “And despite her history of appearances on ‘Make It Plain,’ and despite the cordial relationship she and I have always enjoyed, staff chose to attack us and sabotage her appearance.”

The exchange between DNC staffers is one of many pieces linking the committee to accusations that they held a bias against the Sanders campaign and toward the Clinton campaign. The Democratic candidate has said Wasserman-Schultz will be honorary chair of her campaign’s effort to elect Democrats across the country.

Following the end of the convention, DNC Vice Chair Donna Brazile will take over as interim chair of the committee.