There’s just something about Black women and big hair, and Donna Summer wore it like none other. The devastating loss of the gorgeous disco queen ushered in lots of love for her dance hits, but also reminded us of her impeccable style and iconic tresses.

Oh, that hair. That larger than life crown of fluffy curls was more than a look, it was a statement. Big hair complements a commanding presence because it becomes a character all on its own. Let’s see some of the ways Donna accentuated her texture with volume.


Achieving volume with straight tresses can be tricky. Summer’s most memorable album cover for 1977’s Once Upon a Time featured the diva rocking large barrel-sized curls that almost swallowed her gorgeous face. This look requires extensions, incredibly big rollers and a stylist that knows how to fluff and blend.

For the sexy, sultry imagery for 1982’s State of Independence, Summer rocked wavy, bed head locks. When working with a wavy mane, tip your head upside down and run a blow-dryer with a medium setting furiously through your hair. Flip hair back and gently re-style. You can also tease a little at your roots for bigger hair.

We can’t forget 1979’s Bad Girls cover, featuring a lingerie-clad Summer with long, loopy curls. For extra added oomph, bundle these curls together in large twists and then finger-comb.

To the queen of disco, Donna Summer, we salute you.