This isn’t the first time that rapper DMX has been in trouble with the law. His outlaw antics are near legendary for the amount of arrests, imprisonments, and pleas for forgiveness he’s given since falling out of the glamorous spotlight. Now, the man who famously penned the question, “What These [Women] Want From A N-Word?” apparently owes backlogged child support to the tune of $1 million dollars to Patricia Trejo.

Trejo claims that the Yonkers born-and-bred rapper named Earl Simmons is the father of her 10-year-old daughter and that he owes at least $1 million in unpaid child support. The suit was filed in Los Angeles Supreme Court during a paternity case hearing where X asked for permission to leave the country to perform in Europe. Dark Man X later refused to pay Trejo because he doesn’t believe that the child is his and wants a DNA test to prove that he is the father.

The former Def Jam artist has already failed that test before, but if he is confirmed as the father of this 10-year-old girl, should he be called out for his reckless sexual behavior?