The Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that none of the six officers involved in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray will face federal charges. The cops faced state charges by Maryland prosecutors for their role in the death of the 25-year-old Baltimore man.

Gray was handcuffed and shackled by cops who placed Gray in a police transport wagon on April 12, 2015. Video of Gray’s arrest showed him screaming in pain as he was being dragged to the van.

According to the family’s lawyer William Murphy, he sustained grave neck injuries, a severed spine and entered a comatose state as a result of improper treatment from police while in their custody. Gray was hospitalized for a week after his arrest before he passed away from the spinal injury on April 20. The death sparked weeks of protests in Baltimore.

Three of the officers who went to trial were acquitted before Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby dropped the remaining cases. The DOJ apprised Murphy on Tuesday of their decision not to file federal charges.