Don Cheadle was at the Los Angeles premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, where he plays War Machine in Marvel’s latest and greatest.

Cheadle, who has been part of the Marvel universe since Iron Man 2, said he was surprised by the film’s success and would love to be in the next Black Panther. 

“Hopefully, I’ll be in the next one. You guys want to start a campaign?” he said jokingly. “Put me in the movie, man. … No one could have anticipated the success of that film, but it is a testament to the power and the strength of those stories.”

He said that Marvel has been forward-thinking when it comes to diversity on film, women and people of color and that it will have a positive impact on the future generation.

“It’s kind of limitless what could happen and what this could spawn,” he said.  “I think the root and core of Marvel is always going to be strong.”

One thing he wasn’t willing to reveal is whether Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Tony Stark, dies in the film.

“Which one’s Tony Stark?” he joked. “If I knew which one he was, I’d tell you.”

Watch the full interview above.


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