Bill O’Reilly is in the middle of a media firestorm, and it’s only getting worse. After catching the ire of social media for attempting to dismiss Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ criticism of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia with a joke about her hair, the Fox News host was recently the subject of a scathing investigative report by the New York Times that found that he’d spent $13 million settling sexual harassment claims over the years. The bombshell led several sponsors, like Mercedes-Benz, to pull out of advertising during his show and many are wondering if this latest scandal will lead to the end of the Conservative firebrand’s run.

Tuesday afternoon, O’Reilly attempted to continue on with business as usual, criticizing former Obama administration official Susan Rice for allegedly unmasking Trump’s name in classified documents. While O’Reilly was merely toting the company line–Fox News seems to still hate President Obama–he made a mistake when he attempted to come for CNN host Don Lemon.

O’Reilly shot off a critical tweet about Lemon, linking to an article on his own website, asserting the CNN host refused to cover the Rice story.

Lemon, who actually did cover the Rice allegation, has gotten a little more “woke” over the last year and responded to O’Reilly’s claim with enough shade to block out the sun.

Ouch. Lemon also addressed the tweet on his show.

Next time, O’Reilly might want to focus on reforming his own battered image and saving his show instead of attempting to slam a fellow broadcaster.