Neil Munro has not gotten off easy for interrupting President Obama on Friday in the middle of his immigration policy speech. Both liberals and conservatives alike—including Meghan McCain and Fox News—have panned Munro, and CNN host Don Lemon gave his two cents in his “No Talking Points” segment on Sunday. After Tucker Carlson likened Monroe to White House correspondent Sam Donaldson, who reported during the Reagan years, things really got heated.

First Donaldson reacted with a statement. "Never once did I interrupt a president in any way while he was making a formal statement, a speech, honoring awardees or in any other way holding the floor…What this man did yesterday is something new, to me wrong and unusual,” he said. "Let's face it. Many on the political right believe this president ought not to be there – they oppose him not for his polices and political view but for who he is, an African American!"

Lemon commended the seasoned journalist for calling out the “elephant in the Rose Garden” and then took his jabs. “There’s a huge difference between Sam Donaldson and Neil Munro. For starters, who the hell is Neil Munro?" He added that the job of a journalist is to show respect and civility towards their subjects, especially in the White House in front of an international audience. So far no official word has been made on revoking Munro’s WH press pass, but many are calling for it to happen.