Don Lemon engaged an intense debate with fellow CNN commentator Chris Cuomo on Thursday. They argued over the network’s decision to frequently interview White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

The conversation stemmed from a previous segment in which Cuomo attempted to get Conway to condemn comments of President Donald Trump's that appeared to suggest potential violence by his supporters.

Lemon told Cuomo, “She never answers the question. She berates you. She’s condescending. She uses our network to give her talking points. For me, it feels beneath the dignity of this network to have someone on who constantly lies and misconstrues things.”

He went further, adding, “I feel like having someone like that on is giving them a platform that they have not earned. You come on CNN, you have an obligation to the American people. You can give your opinion. You can give your take. It is a privilege to come on this network and speak to the American people.”

Cuomo claimed to understand Lemon’s position, but he argued the importance of having a representative of the White House offering comments on behalf of Donald Trump.

“I just believe that if this is who the president wants out there, I want people to see what he considers his best defense. I want them to see what he thinks is appropriate for his main counselor to do on television. That’s the saving grace," he said.

Lemon concluded, “I just feel like we do a disservice when we try to give a false equivalence to someone who is clearly has an agenda to mislead people. I think as journalist we should call them out or not give them the opportunity to be hateful.”

Cuomo sympathized with Lemon after he recounted the number of messages he receives following every Conway appearance on the network.
"You are not alone."

He simply replied, "I know."

Check out a video of the segment below.