During President Trump’s State of the Union address, the lamentable commander-in-chief doubled down on a claim he made earlier this week regarding lowered unemployment rates among Black Americans. But before the president pat himself on the back for a second time during Tuesday’s address, CNN‘s Don Lemon had already given voice to our every eye roll shortly after the president first credited himself with the decline.

On Sunday, Trump reminded the Twitterverse and rap mogul Jay-Z, in particular, that under his leadership, Black joblessness has dropped to a record low. The president’s self-congratulatory attitude came after Jay-Z said that despite lowered unemployment rates within the Black community, Trump’s notably poor treatment of ethnic minorities remains pitiable.


During Tuesday’s address, Trump said the decline was something he was “very proud of.” Given Trump just completed his first full year in the White House, the record-setting low of 6.8 percent has very little, if anything, to do with the 45th president.

Lemon set the president straight with just two words on Monday: “Thanks, Obama.”

“I want to make it clear, because the president tweeted saying, someone should tell Jay-Z that unemployment among black African-Americans is the lowest rate ever recorded,” Lemon said during Tonight And most people, sensible people, would look at and would say, thanks, Obama.”

What he said.