There is so much that can be said about the disgustingly racist and hateful comments that reportedly dribbled from the lips of LA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling.

If the recording acquired by TMZ and then extended by Deadspin is to be believed, Sterling is definitely in the running for “Caught on Tape: Ranting Racist of the Decade.”  (Move over, Mel Gibson.)

How Sterling could fix his crypt keeper lips to disparage African Americans, including NBA and entrepreneurial icon Magic Johnson, is galling in itself, but it certainly stands to reason the audio is legit given past charges that he attempted ethnic cleansing in his real estate ventures as documented HERE.

One would have thought his career would have ended back then, but clearly the gods of Karmageddon were not ready for him yet.  They seem to be now.

The wrath of the sports world and beyond are coming down on Sterling, and rightfully so, but there is a particularly disturbing aspect of his words that keep sticking with me.

He seemingly suggests to his girlfriend, who oddly is not White, that he is forced to be “in the culture” (presumably Black) and that she is not.  Further, unlike him, she doesn’t have to broadcast her affiliation with minorities and he is deeply wounded that she chooses to do so on Instagram.  The bottom line is: Why do you need to be around Blacks if they aren’t making you any money?