Monday night at a rally in Louisville, Kentucky, President Donald Trump, decided to throw shade at NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

In response, the predominantly White crowd heartily sneered at the mention of Kaepernick, a man mostly despised in conservative circles for choosing to kneel throughout the 2016 NFL season in protest of the injustices that African-Americans continue to endure at the hands of law enforcement.

The audience, many of whom were wearing Trump’s cheap red hats adorned with his platitudinous maxim atop their grey hairs and receding hairlines, erupted at the anti-Kap sentiment. The crowd ignored the fact that hearings had taken place all day revealing that America’s intelligence agencies were investigating whether or not Trump colluded with Russia.

While it isn’t surprising that they collectively bonded over the enduring solidarity of their right wing Whiteness, it is a little jarring to see what lengths they’re willing to go. But let’s be 100% clear here: though Donald Trump loves espousing nationalist rhetoric, he isn’t half the patriot that Colin Kaepernick is.

In Colin Kaepernick, you have a man who so fervently believes in the idea of America’s ability to be exceptional that he took a stand against the nation’s mediocre treatment of people of color. He cares about the nation so much that he actively engages in supporting its functional underclass through his “I Know My Rights” camp. He put his money where his mouth is with his $1 million donation pledge to aid in assisting those fighting oppression. Colin exemplifies the James Baldwin quote, “I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.”

But in Trump, you have a sad, angry, orange to garnet-tinged coward who neither loves American society, or its citizens that reside outside of the direct sphere of his super rich bubble. He’s a compulsive liar who sees America through a dystopian lens that reduces its citizens to roaming swaths of bandits and pillagers. Let Trump tell it, if you’re Black, you’re poor and residing in an urban hellhole. If you’re White and not wealthy, you’re living in Obama-induced impoverishment while your kids are turned into drug-addled zombies by immigrant gangsters.

He has no love for five-star families, which is why he publicly criticizes them despite the fact that their children gave their life for this nation. He has no love for the military, which is why he claims to know much more than them. He has no respect for the Constitution, which is why he constantly attempts to defy it with his bigoted executive orders. He has no desire to educate America’s children, which is why he hired Betsy DeVos and attempts to cut free lunches.

He has no desire to protect the environment, which is why he signs laws to allow toxins to be dumped in rivers, while also cutting funding for the study of climate change. He has no desire to improve anyone’s healthcare, which is why he’s touting his Trump Care, which will rob 22 million Americans of their existing health coverage.

Despite what Van Jones says, Trump’s speeches are irrelevant because his policies prove he resents minorities, undocumented citizens, the LGBTQ community, the elderly, the working poor, children, women and even many of his own White House staffers.

Trump doesn’t give a damn about America, nor its citizens. He talks about improving America, but has only introduced policies that undermine it. While Colin rallies to galvanize the segments of society that have a legitimate beef with their nation, Trump continues to spread his propaganda that the nation is little more than a burgeoning apocalyptic perdition. There’s one fitting word that accurately describes Donald’s pseudo-nationalism: