For those who are familiar with TikTok influencer, The Earth Stewardess, it’s common knowledge that she’s built a massive platform along the intersection of environmentalism and social justice. However, what may not be common knowledge is that she’s the real deal offline. Doria Brown is more than a content creator—she’s a sustainability professional whose interest in keeping the world greener started in high school and blossomed into a full-time role on-and-off social media. Simply put, she’s a power player who’s learned to leverage the tools provided to her effectively. 

“I am an energy/sustainability professional for the City of Nashua, New Hampshire. I’m also a social media content creator that focuses on eco-short-form videos. I first found my passion for sustainability work when I took an AP environmental science course in high school. From there, I chose to major in environmental science at Franklin Pierce University and graduated, and I got my first job as a sustainability specialist for a manufacturing company," Doria Brown shares. "In that position, I learned about energy management and how effective efficiency projects/sustainable energy can be a major climate solution. During covid, I spent a lot of time at home and decided to start my Earth Stewardess social media platform on Instagram and TikTok. I use that platform to share climate solutions.”

EBONY spoke with The Earth Stewardess to learn more about the work she’s doing, using content creation and passion for bringing awareness to environmental issues affecting the world.

EBONY: Why is sustainability important to you? How does this reflect in your work?

Doria Brown: Sustainability is important to me because it is an effective way to keep our planet in a state that provides ample resources for future generations of humans. What’s more important than keeping our planet healthy? Absolutely nothing! My work as an Energy Manager for the City of Nashua means I get to work every day to implement solutions that can decrease greenhouse gas emissions and keep our planet in a more stable state for human life. Working for a community is a big highlight for me because I believe that some of the most noticeable and quickest changes can occur on the local level. 

As a power player, we see you as someone helping to better Mother Earth. Beyond the work mentioned, how do you like to connect with the planet?

Realistically and honestly, I’m not a typical “nature girl” as I enjoy being inside. But, I have a deep appreciation for the planet and the resources it provides us. I love the water I drink and the oxygen I breathe, and that is a gift that so many people take for granted while experiencing life on this planet. 

In what ways can we, too, become power players as far as being more sustainable and eco-friendly?

I think that we can all be “power players” if we get more involved in our local government. There are so many sustainable opportunities right where we live. They just require support from the community to happen. Join your local planning board or energy committee and attend some town/city meetings to show support for sustainable legislation. That’s a real power play!

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