To say that 87-year-old Doris Payne has lived an unconventional life would be an understatement.

One dubbed “America’s most successful jewel thief,” Payne has vowed to retire from her 70-year life of crime after being booked for stealing from a local Walmart.

The Independent reports that the famous jewel thief is believed to be responsible for stealing more than $2 million during her career. She’s said to have heisted from stores as close as West Virginia to as far as Tokyo.

Recently, Payne was reportedly charged with stealing $86 worth of groceries and electronics from the popular big-box store chain.

“Don’t come back, Ms. Payne,” Chamblee Municipal Court Judge Angela Duncan said.

Payne pleaded guilty to a charge of shoplifting.

“I won’t,” she reportedly responded to the judge.

The hearing in Georgia this weak was the thief’s final straw in her life of crime. Well, at least she says it is.

Payne’s actions are so notable that they warranted a 2013 documentary about her life, The Life & Crimes of Doris Payne. The film suggests that her first few stabs at stealing were to help her Native American mother who was abused by her father, who was Black. In one interview, the West Virginia-born native said she sold items to assist her mother in leaving her unhappy marriage.

“I don’t have any regrets about stealing jewelry. I regret getting caught,” she says in the film.

When Payne got caught stealing from a local Walmart, she was currently on house arrest. She was wearing an ankle monitor during her arrest.

Here U.S. rap sheet is said to stretch 20 pages.

Ms. Payne, a mother of two, is one lucky woman.