The PepsiCo Foundation and Doritos SOLID BLACK initiative are eager to support the growth and development of Black community leaders. Last week the philanthropic entities announced their partnership and put out the call for applications for Black Changemakers, a new program that shines a spotlight on leaders and nonprofits. The deadline for the program is December 11, 2022.

The Foundation has committed to awarding a $50,000 grant to the nonprofit organization of each of the selected Black Changemakers to celebrate and support the bold impact of their efforts. C.D. Glin, Global Head of Philanthropy at PepsiCo and President of PepsiCo Foundation says the financial award can be transformational, a claim backed up by the results of the inaugural program led by Doritos SOLID BLACK in 2022. “The PepsiCo Foundation recognizes the disparities that Black leaders face and the underinvestment in them and their organizations,” says Glin. He points to the research focused on barriers to capital and racial equity in philanthropy as further proof of the discrepancy. Black leaders are under-represented in philanthropic leadership, with just 5 percent of nonprofit chief executives being Black, compared to 87 percent who are white. Early-stage Black-led organizations generate 24 percent less in fundraising versus white-led organizations. “Now more than ever, access to funding and mentorship is critical for nonprofit changemakers,” says Glin.

The Foundation will provide that mentorship through leadership development training in partnership with Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. “It takes bold, committed changemakers to make an impact, and strong leadership to achieve long-term and permanent results,” Glin asserts. “Our goal in partnering with the Indiana University Lilly School of Philanthropy for leadership development training is to arm these community leaders with the skills they need to succeed and drive sustainable impact in their communities.”

Glin says the training program and curriculum is designed to enhance the community changemakers' perspectives on the various nuances of leadership and equip them with resources and tools to be the strongest leaders they can be for their organizations and communities. Through the program, Black Nonprofit Changemakers will receive tailored training and education specific to their nonprofit efforts to support and amplify their work.

Doritos SOLID BLACK will play a pivotal role by sharing their platform with the nonprofit leaders. For the second year of their program, SOLID BLACK was excited to not only introduce the world to a new class of Changemakers, but also give these Changemakers the opportunity to support a deserving nonprofit of their choice. In total, Doritos invested more than $5 million in 2022 as part of the SOLID BLACK program. By partnering with PepsiCo in 2023, SOLID BLACK has the opportunity to invest, yet again, in the growth of deserving entrepreneurs.

“Many Black entrepreneurs and Black-owned nonprofits face roadblocks in gaining access to capital to start, sustain and/or scale up their work. With the Black Nonprofit Changemakers program, we aim to narrow that gap and provide participants with the assets they need to not only survive but to adapt and thrive,” says Glin. “We believe lasting impact is led by those with lived experiences in local communities. These Black nonprofit leaders are proximate to the issues their organizations are striving to address and closest to the Black communities we’re working to support more broadly.”

That proximity is what Glin says helps these changemakers understand specific needs. Being a part of the community, and having developed trust within the community, puts them in a position to lead and drive sustainable positive impact which can lead to real change.