Democratic senator-elect Doug Jones made history thanks to African-American (especially women voters) last month when he claimed victory over Roy Moore. Now, the politician has made history by becoming to first Senate Democrat to appoint a Black chief of staff.

According to The Root, Capitol Hill vet Dana Gresham will serve as Jones’ chief of staff. According to the news outlet, Jones chose Gresham following pressure from the NAACP and other civil rights groups after his controversial win.

Greshan served for eight years in the Department of Transportation under President Barack Obama’s administration.

“Hiring at least one person of color to your senior staff in Washington would speak loudly, and we ask that you do so among the qualified applicants that you will receive,” 17 groups wrote in a letter to Jones, according to the Washington Post. “The lack of diversity among top Senate staff is not caused by a complete absence of strong candidates of color.”
Gresham is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, and graduated from the esteemed Georgetown University before spending more than ten years as a member of the House of Representatives’ staff.
Under former president Obama’s administration, Gresham joined the Department of Transportation under the position of assistant secretary.

Jones also selected Sonceria Bishop-Berry, a Black former Senate staff member, to advise his transition team.