Can you imagine a world that did not dismiss you for the way in which you wear your natural hair?

Dove can.

Beloved body care brand Dove just released a new report, Dove's 2021 CROWN Research Study for Girls, which unveiled the alarming rate and age at which Black girls experience hair discrimination.

Continuing in the brand’s ongoing commitment to the The CROWN Act legislation, the study reveals that 53% of Black mothers, whose daughters have experienced hair discrimination, say their children experienced it as early as 5 years old, and approximately 86% of Black teens say they have endured it by the age of 12.

To make understanding the staggering effects that hair discrimination has on young Black children and their families, Dove released a short film, As Early As Five to accompany the report. The short depicts three scenarios—all inspired by real life events—in which a young girl experienced race-based hair discrimination: first when she's in elementary school, then in high school and later when she's into adulthood.

Take a peek at the short, below:

"Our groundbreaking 2019 CROWN research study revealed that Black women are 80% more likely to change their hair from its natural state to fit in at the office. Now, this new body of research illuminates the pervasive nature and deep impact hair discrimination has on Black girls highlighting the horrific multi-generational impact of narrow beauty standards in America," shares Esi Eggleston Bracey, EVP & COO of Unilever North America. "These biases continue to perpetuate unfair scrutiny and discrimination against Black women and girls for wearing hairstyles inherent to our culture. This is unacceptable and why it is imperative that everyone join the movement to make hair discrimination illegal nationwide through the passage of The CROWN Act,”

Dove has continued to live up to its mission to raise awareness for the CROWN Act legislation and spark urgency among parents, school administrators and advocates to sign The CROWN Act petition. Should the legislation be passed, it would make race-based hair discrimination illegal nationwide and what a beautiful thing that would be.