Chris Brown and Drake have been sued $16 million for their mutually destructive roles in the highly publicized melee that took place at a New York City nightclub. The suit says that on June 14, neither artist did anything to stop the fight from taking place. Filed by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. their involvement in this matter is still a mystery, as it is not yet defined if they're a parent company of the nightclub in question or acting independently on a patron's behalf, but they are certainly going after the deep pockets of the two responsible for the situation.

Still, no charges have been filed from the fight as of yet, and there's strong evidence to say that that will not happen. Attorney Andrew T. Miltenberg says that both Drake and Chris Brown instigated the fight, making both of them culpable. "It's their posse, and they're in charge," he said, "and to the extent that they could have controlled or dissipated whatever was going on, we don't believe they did." The company suing the artists is claiming that because of the negative publicity the fight generated, deals fell through to license the Greenhouse name to other clubs across the country