Drake already wowed the world when he donated close to $1 million to those in need during a video shoot for his hit single, “God’s Plan.”

Now he’s making even more history by having the track top the Billboard Hot 100 chart for not one, not two, not five but a seventh week straight.

The music site reports that “God’s Plan” has racked in a whooping 81.8 million streams and that’s just in the United States.

According to Billboard, “God’s Plan” has officially logged seven of the top 10 streaming weeks ever.

Drake was more than generous and thoughtful during his donation. For the shoot and also because he’s just a decent human being, the “Started From The Bottom” rapper purchased groceries for shoppers at a grocery store in Miami during filming. As a result, the Canadian-born rapper spent a whooping $50,000 on groceries alone.

In reference to the major donation, the rapper said it was “the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.” As for how exactly he plans to top the major monetary act of kindness, Drizzy hasn’t quite figured that out yet.

“I don’t know, I gotta just keep helping, man,” the rapper said.

Kudos to Drake for not only making history with his track, but his generosity.

Check out the video for “God’s Plan” below.