Happy Friday folks!

If you’re like me, you’ve been slaving at that gig all week just to get to these 2.5 days off. The last thing we want to deal with is drama. Here are three solid ways to have a bomb ass weekend.

1. Check in with yourself.

Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean you have to “turn up” at the club. Do what you are in the mood to do in the name of relaxation. Whether it is going out with friends for dinner, hitting a popular nightclub or staying in with or without bae for a night of Netflix, make sure that you are prioritizing rest and relaxation. Now is the time to unwind. So do so!

2. Tell people no.

The last thing you should be doing (unless you feel like it or am absolutely needed) is sign up to be someone’s errand boy or girl. Just say, “no.” Make time to chill, put off whatever unnecessary errands that do not serve you at this moment for Tuesday. Rumor is that it is the most miserable day of the week because it’s too far away from the upcoming weekend and not far away enough from the previous weekend. So save your UPS packages for then.

3. Make fun a priority, not drama.

Listen, plenty of people cause drama and BS in the name of “fun.” Don’t be those people. Be the person who is all about fun, but with the intent of not causing issues. Be aware and promptly remove yourself if you cannot defuse the situation.