The entire kit that’ll keep your braids itch-free, comfortable, and fresh.

Without fail, braids always feel a bit tight after they are just styled. No matter how much oil or product you apply, it can still be hard to find relief. This new collection from SheaMoisture promises a solution to every one of the dilemmas for new braids. We were hesitant to try the collection after their recent ad which suggested a reason stray away from the brand, but the products in this collection target and perform well on the hair of women of color. The Shea Moisture Protective Styling Collection includes these key main ingredients: jojoba oil, Ucuuba Butter, and Carrot Seed Oil.


SheaMoisture Braid-Up Conditioning Gel

The moisturizing gel uses carrot seed oil as its primary ingredient to not only hold hair as its installed but also to moisturize the scalp to prevent itchiness once the braid is complete.


Braid Up & Take Down Detangler

Shea Moisture Braid Up & Take Down Detangler

This detangler makes your hair feel unbelievably smooth and moisturized which is why it has a place for a takedown braid routine which is when your hair will be the most stubborn. However, this detangler can also have a place in your twist-out routine to keep it hydrated overnight.


Jojoba Mist (1 of 1)_RGB_A1

Shea Moisture Odor Neutralizing Mist

It’s a well-kept secret, but braids can get funky! Especially if you’re an active person, who often sweats from a sport or a fast paced lifestyle. This mist completely rids your hair of any odor in the interim of your next wash or braid takedown.


Track Tension & Itch Relief Serum_without box

SheaMoisture Track Tension & Itch Relief Serum

The tension of a braid style can be enough to make you take out your braids a couple of weeks before their lifespan, but this serum which comes with a dropper, helps you get into the hard-to-reach itch and soothe your scalp.