#BlackPantherChallenge creator Frederick T. Joseph accused a Duane Reade store of locking Black hair care products in a glass case while allowing other products to remain on open shelves.

Joseph took to Twitter Friday uploading a video of his girlfriend's recent shopping experience at the popular store.

As she opened the case where the Black products wore stored, an automated machine said, "Thank you for shopping at Duane Reade to keep our prices low, we have increased security on selected products. We apologize for any inconvenience." Once she closed the case, an intercom sounded, asking for assistance in the "shampoo department."

He captioned the post, "My girlfriend is at Duane Reade and just sent me this video showing that typically Black hair products are locked up with security measures, versus the white ones. As soon as she took a Black product, the security came to “ask if she needed help”. Seriously, @DuaneReade?"


This isn't the first time a store has been accused of locking away Black products. Several Walmart stores throughout the country have come under fire for similar practices.

In 2018, a woman filed a suit against the company for racial discrimination after noticing that all of the hair and skin products catered to Black consumers at a Perris, California, Walmart were locked behind glass partitions.

Duane Reade has yet to address Joseph's complaints.