Newcomer to the hip hop scene, Azealia Banks is having a great run in the spotlight. Viewers are taking notice of her ability to set herself apart from the long line of female rappers who have stood before her relying on attention-grabbing costumes to breathe life into their images.

Nope, no gimmicks for this budding star, just an innocent Mickey Mouse sweater, a sweet smile and surprisingly raunchy lyrics—but is she really that different? 

Azealia’s constant evolving hair color is a great part of that personal style of hers that we love, but didn’t many of the female rappers before her start off with a statement hairdo? 

Li’l Kim’s Black Barbie dressed in Bvlgari blond, Eve’s blonde buzz cut, Nicki Minaj’s ‘what color wig this week?’ look and Da Brat’s colorfully rubber banded twists were all signature styles that contributed to what make these ladies memorable.

Whatever her motives may be, we encourage Azealia Banks to keep the styles coming because fun with hair is fun for all!

—Lyndsay Luff