Did anyone really expect Beyoncé to carry a car seat to transport Blue Ivy? Beyoncé is certainly building a collection of baby slings to both shield and transport her bundle of joy. We first spotted the mommy-daughter duo, out with grandma Tina Knowles in a conventional baby sling. Then Blue Ivy was wrapped tightly in a traditional print cotton sling. Both looks, Beyoncé has managed to incorporate the sling into her outfit. Smart move Bey!

The newest edition to the collection is a stole-like, gray fur sling! Blue is basically nestled in a fur cocoon, how fabulous! First the gold Marc Jacobs mouse booties, and now Blue is covered in luxurious fur. We anticipate diamonds for BIC’s next appearance. Agree?

Princess Blue Ivy is definitely the most fashionable four-month old around, and we haven’t even seen her in real clothes yet!

What should we expect next from the fabulous mommy-daughter duo? 

—Asiah James