The brilliant singer- songwriter had a rough start during last weekend’s Coachella concert with some technical sound issues, but was luckily able to redeem himself with a superb performance– as expected. 

This weekend, Frank Ocean gets a shot at a second go round as a featured artist in Coachella’s Weekend 2 lineup and we’re amped to see what he’s got up his sleeve. 

In anticipation of this performance, we got to thinking about the mysterious artist that is Frank Ocean and how his style has evolved since he stepped onto the scene. Though he hasn’t been in the spotlight for long and his photo opps are found few and far between, we’ve taken notice of the up-and-coming star and like what we see.

 He’s gone from graphic tees, sweaters and hoodies to button-downs and cardigans and his recent use for a bandana seems like it may be a new accessory to his boho-business vibe. 

We’ve classified Ocean’s style as odd-chic, and that's a compliment. What say you? Whatever you want to call it is up to you but we’re interested in witnessing how this mystery man unfolds!

—Lyndsay Luff