We nearly lost it when rumor had it that Will and Jada were packing their bags and heading for Splitsville after 14 years of marriage and have been keeping an eye on the two ever since.

Will is now the main attraction of the camera’s lens as he promotes the release of Men in Black III, and he’s bringing his wife along for the ride every step of the way which we couldn’t be happier about! 

The couple’s sudden exposure reminded us just how strong the Smith sense of style is. So strong in fact that it has overflowed into another generation with their fashion-forward son and daughter, Jaden and Willow Smith. 

With a father who has made the plaid suit the comeback style, a mother whose skin only seems to glow more as the years go by, a son who is an effortlessly cool kid and a daughter whose hair has probably already changed more colors than women her mom’s age are brave enough to try in their lifetime on average; these four have earned the title as the First Family of Fashion in our book.