Tattoos are nothing new to the Hollywood scene, but nowadays they seem to be growing in popularity. From squeaky clean celebrities, to bad-boy rappers, tattoos can be spotted on just about everyone. 

These permanent sketches have a tendency to create images for celebrities like Rihanna and Lil Wayne who have become well-known for their tattoos. They can also can catch you by surprise on those who tend to lay low like Beyonce

They can stand alone or be one of many on the canvas that is a star’s body.

Tattoos can be the celeb’s best kept secrets, hidden in places only visible to few, or bold fashion accessories for all to see. They can whisper sweet nothings or scream a statement that the celeb wants the public to hear, but what they all have in common is that they’re packed with meaning for their owner. 

Are you tatted up? Describe your tattoos and tell us what they mean to you. We’re dying to know!

—Lyndsay Luff