Ahead of their Morning After release, dvsn delivers a Maxwell-inspired single titled “P.O.V.”

The song, set to appear on the duo’s sophomore effort, showcases lead vocalist Daniel Daley singing over Maxwell’s “Fortunate” about uplifting his partner and changing their personal outlook on life. “I want to change your mind,” he sings. “I want to change your mood.”

Maxwell co-signed the delicate vibe via Twitter, “@dvsndvsn x @_MAXWELL_, {sort’ve},”  ending with the winking emoji.  That prompted a quick response from dvsn, honored by the love: “Thank you for your blessings on this one.”

The duo also shared a Cuba-inspired trailer to accompany the 13-track album, which you can check out here. The longer visual is set to be released at the later date. Morning After is due to drop October 13.


1. “Run Away”
2. “Nuh Time/Tek Time”
3. “Keep Calm”
4. “Think About Me”
5. “Don’t Choose”
6. “Mood”
7. “P.O.V.”
8. “You Do”
9. “Morning After”
10. “Can’t Wait”
11. “Claim”
12. “Body Smile”
13. “Conversations in a Diner”