A man who brushed off Charleston church shooter, Dylann Roof’s, plan to murder nine African-American worshipers was sentenced to 27 months in prison, officials say.

The Post and Courier reports that 22-year-old Joey Meek will appear in downtown U.S. District Court. The Lexington County resident was facing up to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to misprision of a felony and lying to federal agents.

Meek’s most serious charge is misprision, which calls for between 27 and 33 months behind bars. Federal Prosecutor, Jay Richardson, is expected to push for a lengthier sentence.

Attorney Deborah Barbier is representing Meek. She says her client has owned up to his mistakes and should not face further punishment for crimes he didn’t commit.

Earlier this month, a judge ruled Meek, who is said to be a childhood friend of Roof’s, could be held responsible for his inaction after the massacre.

The two rekindled their relationship shortly before the hate-filled violence, officials say. They reportedly spent time together and Meek once hid his .45-caliber Glock for fear of what Roof might do. But family members said he returned the weapon to Roof later.

The night Roof murdered nine Black parishioners, Meek learned of Roof’s actions on social media. He allegedly spoke with a friend about the incident, but told him to keep quiet. The friend eventually came forward with what he knew the next day.

“It’s extremely unfair,” Meek’s attorney said in a past court filing, “to place the blame for Roof’s crimes on Joey —a young man who was not equipped to anticipate Roof’s capabilities or acts.”