Dyson is the go-to dryer of hair pros around the globe. Peek into any top hair wiz’s kit, and you’re bound to spot its sleek, cutting-edge Supersonic dryer.  Last year, the brand augmented its heat-styling tool stable with the ingenius Airwrap Styler, which offers customers aid with a variety styling needs. This summer, Dyson continues its commitment to first-in-class hot tools by introducing two attachments specifically for highly textured hair types.

The Dyson Wide Tooth Comb Attachment is perfect for shaping or blowing out curly and coily hair. It glides through your tresses with minimal effort and features rounded off ends so you don’t scratch your scalp when stretching out your roots. The comb’s teeth are held together by a flexible torsion bar, which allows you to maneuver the comb easily without pulling or breaking your strands while using it.

The other new tool is Dyson’s Gentle Air attachment. It provides a softer, more diffused airflow while still allowing fast drying.  The attachment manipulates the machine’s airflow to widen its path, delivering a gentle, cooler airflow to the scalp without frying fine strands or sensitive scalps, thereby enabling you to dry your locks more quickly with no risk of heat damage or color fade.

“I love the Dyson dryer, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I heard they were working on attachments for highly textured hair types,” confides celebrity hairstylist  and Dyson Global Styling Ambassador Jawara Wauchope. “Many companies have struggled with it, but Dyson really came through. I love the fact that they took the time to really understand all hair types, not just 1 [straight and 2 [wavy], but 3 [curly] and 4 [coily] as well. I’m really impressed by it. I used it recently on Solange’s hair, and it [was] amazing. I also used the attachments on a variety of hair types at the Off-White show and was blown away.”

“Dyson really perfected the pick attachment,” adds Jawara. “It is really sturdy. The teeth aren’t too small or fragile. You can get it through the tightest, coilliest hair and not have to worry about the comb breaking. As for the Gentle Air  attachment, think of it as a gentle diffuser for perfecting curls and coils. A lot of girls with curly and coily hair don’t want to use a lot of heat on their hair. This reduces drying time drastically without high heat damage, keeping the integrity and health of your strands intact.”

Below, Jawara tells us how to cop a foolproof blowout and a pro-worthy twist-out when we don’t have time to spare.

Jawara’s Tips for a Voluminous Blowout

(Styling time: less than 20 minutes)
1. After washing and conditioning your hair, apply a heat protectant and a little bit of hair oil (if your strands need it).
2. Section your hair into 2×2-inch squares.
3. Gently brush and detangle each section with a paddle brush.
4. Use the comb attachment on the Dyson Supersonic dryer to blow out each section, starting from the roots, to the ends.

Jawara’s Easy Breezy Twist Set

(Styling time: approximately 30 minutes)
1. On really wet hair, part a section of hair and gently detangle it using a paddle brush.

2. Smooth in your styling product, whether a curl cream or light oil.

3. Two-strand twist each section while you’re twisting into a coil-like a rope.

4. Fold the rope section into a small ball, then cover the balled section with the Dyson Gentle Air attachment for about 3-5 minutes

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until your entire head is done, then untwist each section for gorgeous, frizz-free curls.

DYSON Wide Tooth Hair Comb Attachment, $39.99dyson.com
DYSON Gentle Air Attachment, $39.99. dyson.com