Avielle Amor is a digital media influencer and host who founded her multifaceted brand in 2013 to incorporate beauty, fashion and lifestyle. From being down South in the military to relocating to NYC, she works to create an interactive space and provide genuine representation for those who relate to her through makeup, fashion and life experiences. Get to know this beauty after the jump.

EBONY: Which fashion trend are you currently OBSESSED with?
Avielle Amore: Currently, I am obsessed with embellished jeans and monochromatic looks.

Which beauty product is a must have before you leave the house?
Since I had my eyebrows microbladed, I know must apply my Lancome Juicy Shaker tinted lip gloss.

Name the beauty product that stays in your bag.
I have to carry my Beauty Blender, I have to make sure that I keep creasing at bay.


What do you do to ensure you receive the best deal when shopping for your favorite products?
Since I am an influencer, I receive a lot of new releases for makeup and skin care for free. However, I do love shopping at Walgreens; they are always offering BOGO deals.

Fashion statement you’ll be rocking this season?
Of course, the monochromatic look has to be done.

Favorite thing about winter?
Layers and faux-fur coats.


Which TV show are you currently binging?
I am currently binge watching Stranger Things. I have heard nothing but great reviews, so I have to see what all the hype is about.

Other bloggers you enjoy or gain inspiration from?
Jackie Aina is everything!! Not only for her makeup because she is more than a gorgeous face; she has a voice. She uses her platform consistently to speak out against some of the racism going on in the YouTube community, and I admire her for that.