Since 1945, EBONY has served as a platform for the amplification of Black voices and the presentation of Black stories in a multi-dimensional way. In honor of our 75th anniversary, EBONY CEO Michele Ghee made a special appearance on Good Morning America 3 during which she took viewers on a journey, exploring the history of EBONY and JET from inception to present day.

"We don't want to just cover what everyone else is covering. We want to cover those folks who are invisible. Those who haven't been seen, but have really made a true contribution to this community," Ghee shared. "Don't just love Black culture, but also love the Black people who create it."

EBONY continues in its mission of telling Black stories in a profound and non-monolithic way. Watch Ghee as she expounds on the historical importance of the legacy and future of the brand on her GMA3 appearance, while providing a sneak peek at our July/August cover featuring NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns, below.