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Ebony January 1974


The High Price of Being Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt Chamberlain, one of the biggest and best men ever to play basketball stays in controversy. Often a holdout despite the fact that his salary has always been among the highest in pro sports,. From his multi-million dollar home on a hilltop in Los Angeles Wilt discusses his success and life in this January 1973 EBONY issue.


Ebony February 1972


Willie Mays Honeymoons in Acapulco. Willie Mays, at 40, continues to be unpredictable. After being engaged to Mae Louise Allen for almost two years, the San Francisco Giants’ phenomenal, perennial outfielder whisked the beautiful San Francisco social worker–and seven of their close friends–off to Mexico City where the couple’s marriage ceremony was performed in Spanish, and then on to the fabled resort city of Acapulco for a honeymoon holiday on Mexico’s sunlit Pacific Coast.


Ebony March 1957


My Greatest Ambition. Floyd Patterson, the youngest man ever to win the world heavyweight championship (at 21), on the same day received an even more wonderful present from his wife, Sandra, a daughter. the couple named the baby Seneca, after a street in the old Brooklyn neighborhood where Floyd grew up and where he lived when he put on his first pair of boxing gloves in Cus D’Amato’s gym. some exciting things have happened to Floyd in his young life, and he discusses his experiences and goals in “My Greatest Ambition” in the March 1957 EBONY.


Ebony April 1981


Sugar Ray Leonard’s Greatest Challenge. EBONY March 1981 issue features Sugar Ray Leonard Sr. and Ray Jr. Sugar Ray Leonard Sr. talks holding the world boxing champ title, managing his millions, heading up his own corporation and being a family man–all at 24.


Ebony April 1973


New Boss of the Heavyweights. George Foreman, the new heavyweight champion of the world, is a real tiger in the ring as he proved in Jamaica when he lifted Joe Frazier’s title with six knockdowns in less than two rounds.


Ebony June 1971


The Last of the Big Bats. Hank Aaron and Willie Mays are nearing the gun laps of two of the most productive careers in major league baseball history. Already, they are the only players ever to register both over 3,000 hits and 600 homers apiece. Both have lifetime batting averages over .300.


Ebony September 1973


Hank Aaron: Catching Up with ‘The Babe’. EBONY September 1973 issue features Henry Louis Aaron. While baseball is traditionally the “Great American Game” and the biggest name in the game has often been that of the legendary Babe Ruth, home run king of all time. But, move over Babe, Hank Aaron is just about ready to wipe out your more cherished record.


Ebony September 1982


All I Want Is A Little Respect… EBONY September 1982 issue features heavyweight champion Larry Holmes as he discusses how all he really wants is a little respect.


Ebony November 1967


Muhammad Ali’s Secret Honeymoon. Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) and Belinda Boyd six months ago were, respectively, among the best known and least known persons in America. Though shorn of her heavyweight crown by the World Boxing Association, Muhammad had lost none of his crowd appeal. Belinda was not known outside her circle of friends in Chicago. But now things have changed. When Belinda became Mrs. Muhammad Ali, she entered a new world. Her experiences on her first trip with her husband were recorded on film for EBONY by staffer Isacc Sutton, a long time friend of Muhammad Ali.


Ebony November 1976


O.J. Simpson The Problems of a Super Superstar. EBONY November 1976 issue features O.J. Simpson and highlights his many football achievements—an all-pro and a Hickok Belt winner, Heisman trophy winner in college and one of the sports best known stars. With all of this, O.J. has problems. His family lives in Los Angeles and O.J.’s football career takes him away for six months of the year. O.J. sits down to talk with EBONY about the struggle, the balance and how he makes it works.


Ebony December 1976


The Unmarrieds They tell why they remain single. EBONY December 1976 features ‘The Unmarrieds’ These featured, celebrity men tell of their single woes. Their reasons were varied and interesting and most admit that it is possible that they will someday marry.