#TeamKEM (our management team) and I are excited to share some of our experiences with you as we journey through South Africa this week. We’ve been planning this trip for some time now, and are thrilled to finally be able to bring our live show back to the Motherland. The timing of this particular trip is even more special to me, because the first couple of days we’ll be here, we’re still celebrating Black History Month (thanks to February 29th and Leap Year).

Speaking of the celebrating our history, I’d like to send my sincerest get well wishes to former President Nelson Mandela. We were told he’s currently out of the hospital and resting after his recent trip to the hospital. Many prayers to him for a speedy recovery.

We just arrived in South Africa today (February 28) after an 18-hour flight from Detroit. When we got here, it was evening already. South Africa is seven hours ahead of those of us in Eastern Standard Time. We got through customs faster than I ever have before, then met up with our South African concert promoters. They updated us on our schedule for tomorrow, which includes a trip to the Apartheid Museum, a trip to Soweto that will include visits to the Hector Peterson Museum and The Nelson Mandela House. Then, in the afternoon, we’re going on a Safari. I’m looking forward to the whole day tomorrow!

Needless to say, we’ll be taking a lot of pictures, and I’ll be sure to send some good ones to Ebony.com for you to see! This is my second visit to South Africa. My first time here was in 2007, and it was an overwhelming and most enjoyable experience. I was really surprised at how much love there was here for my music, and I was surprised that they knew all the words to my songs. The people here are beautiful, genuine and loving.

I arrived here the first time in 2007 as a Black man who was a citizen of America. I left feeling like a more complete human being…I felt more like a citizen of the world. I’m very much looking forward to this second visit to expand on that feeling.

Until next time…Blessings.


p.s. You can follow me on Twitter at @KEM_Intimacy, and you can follow all of our Tweets from our time in South Africa by searching the hashtags: #KEMinSA and #TeamKEM. We’ll Tweet as often as we can…as phone service allows! ​Check back Thursday for the second installment!