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Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) were founded to promote Black excellence and brilliance, and each reigning Queen and King was elected by their peers and/or school officials to represent those standards for their institutions of higher learning. Meet the 2019-20 Kings &  Queens to find out more about the dynamic women and men representing HBCUs nationwide, and vote for your favorite. You are allowed to vote as many times for as many EBONY Campus Queens and Kings as you like, so keep coming back every day.

Meet The 80th Miss Alabama State University, Jhaianne Cooper

Hailing from Alabama State University, Jhaianne shared

“My most memorable contribution as a campus queen is that I started my own nonprofit 501c3 community service organization called Radiant Souls Community Service Organization. It is dedicated to mending the broken, lifting the fallen and radiating the soul. The organization provides personalized styling services to enhance one's inner and outer beauty.”

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Meet Miss Albany State University, Fahren Nipple

Hailing from Albany State University, Fahren shared

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen has been being able to be a role model to younger girls in the community. I have been working and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club in Albany, Georgia and have been able to start a mentoring program. In the program I teach girls from the age of 6-18 on how to dress, speak, and act. The girls and I also talk about self-care, relationships, and being mentally as well as physically healthy. Being able to be a role model, and that big sister, has always meant something to me because it helps me know I’m making a difference.”

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Meet Miss Alcorn State University, Jakhia Gray

Hailing from Alcorn State University, Jakhia shared

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen thus far has been organizing and implementing a food pantry called "Brave Market." The pantry consist of nonperishable foods and other essential items. One of my main goals as the 93rd Miss Alcorn State University, is to create unity and make sure we are here for each other. This free pantry is open to all students that are in need. It is a blessing to be a blessing.”

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Meet Miss Benedict College 2019 - 2020, Courtney Ingram

Hailing from Benedict College, Courtney shared

“I believe that my most memorable contribution as a campus queen would be my positivity as a role model and my presence as a leader. I state this because many are motivated by my ability to be involved in so much and keep a smile on my face. I believe this gives students hope and a sense of stability.”

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Meet Miss Bennett College, Taylor Adkins

Hailing from Bennett College, Taylor shared

“My campaign platform for the 2019-2020 academic school year was “Reaching Higher, Going Further, Together.” The goal of this campaign is to unite the student body in order to take Bennett to new heights and build a better school year together. Although my reign as Queen has only just begun, my most meaningful contribution has been to encourage students to register to vote.”

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Meet Miss Bethune-Cookman University, Blake Minter

Hailing from Bethune-Cookman University, Blake shared

“Inspiring other women on campus to exude royalty by embracing who they are as a person; remembering, we are all queens!”

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Meet Miss Bowie State University, Dyonna Nelson

Hailing from Bowie State University, Dyonna shared

“My most memorable contribution as Miss Bowie State University so far has been my first program held for freshmen women titled, A Golden Journey. This was a program to get freshman women formally transitioned into college. This experience will always be most memorable to me since I created a safe space and a new start for the women as they began their matriculation throughout Bowie State University.”

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Meet Miss Claflin University 2019-2020 (No Royal Court), Faith McKie

Hailing from Claflin University, Faith shared

“I believe that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.” As such, I have worked hard to achieve every goal that I have set for myself, including not giving up when I didn’t succeed the first time. Though every accomplishment is fulfilling and being a campus queen provides a plethora of great memories, my most memorable contribution as a campus queen is being told that I am making a difference in the lives of individuals around me. My mission to inspire is rewarding when I receive messages such as, “You’re my role model here at Claflin, and I aspire to be like you.” Making those memories are the most humbling and rewarding of them all. I truly believe that attending an HBCU is the best decision that I have ever made and has transformed me into the woman that I am today. ”

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Meet Miss Clark Atlanta University, Aretha Bernard

Hailing from Clark Atlanta University, Aretha shared

“My most memorable contribution to my institution would have to be providing a safe space for all the freshmen women at the annual for women’s only event. Reciting my promises to them and hearing them say theirs to each other was very humbling.”

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Meet The 84th Miss Dillard University, Brianna Thomas

Hailing from Dillard University, Brianna shared

“Thus far my most memorable contribution as a campus queen has been inspiring young girls to set goals, be confident, and prepare for college.”

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Meet Miss Edward Waters College, Asiah Cheek

Hailing from Edward Waters College, Asiah shared

“My most memorable contribution thus far has been setting a new standard for Queens to come at Edward Waters College. As we embark upon new journeys remaining steadfast and an example for all to follow has always been something that I set out to do. Being able to inspire students to one day want to be a Queen while remaining transparent is most memorable to me.”

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Meet Miss Fayetteville State University 2019-2020, Asia McNeill

Hailing from Fayetteville State University, Asia shared

“My most memorable contribution as a campus queen has been my "I'm Every Woman" Women's Empowerment Workshop which greatly impacted the lives of the freshman ladies at Fayetteville State University. The purpose of the workshop was to prepare the freshmen females for the beginning of their journey as Lady Broncos. Our workshop focused on body positivity, upholding a positive image, maintaining academic excellence in a stressful environment, and the power of networking in college. As my Court and I interacted with the freshmen ladies, it opened a safe space for them to gain strength from one another as they prepared for their journey at Fayetteville State University. The Women's Empowerment Workshop was inspired by my desire to leave a lasting impact on the lives of young women by inspiring them to be their greatest selves.”

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Meet Miss FAMU, Kyra Freeman

Hailing from Florida A&M Univeristy, Kyra shared

“My most memorable moment has been inspiring young girls to be brave, bold, have courage and to walk in their truth. It is not easy being a campus queen, but the best part is showing young minority girls, that they are true queen without a crown or a sash.”

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Meet Miss Fort Valley State University, Ty'kerriah Moore

Hailing from Fort Valley State University, Ty'kerriah shared

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen was helping freshmen and transfer students feel at home during their first week at Fort Valley State University. It was a great opportunity to network, build relationships and provide incoming students with advice and information that will assist them throughout their academic years.”

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Meet Miss Grambling State University, Rickenzie Johnikin

Hailing from Grambling State University, Rickenzie shared

“The most memorable moment thus far has been welcoming the class of 2023, forming relationships and helping connect them to campus resources. ”

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Meet Miss Hampton University, Carmen Jackson

Hailing from Hampton University, Carmen shared

“I organized an event called "The Pinky Klub presents: Poetry Night". This event was meant to spread awareness about the arts. Attendees read poetry, painted on canvases, performed original vocal and instrument pieces. The event was recently featured in the official magazine for my sorority, "The Ivy Leaf".”

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Meet 80th Miss Jackson State University, Naysa Lynch

Hailing from Jackson State University, Naysa shared

“The most memorable contribution I’ve made thus far as a Campus Queen is hosting a Welcome Week Giveaway contest where everyone that entered was able to receive a Miss JSU College Starter Kit. Having this give away was so important to me because as a freshman, I received a similar package on Move-in Day. Items from that package lasted me almost half of the first semester. My goal was to target those that were really in need of necessities and possibly could not afford them. I hosted a donation drive to solicit items that would be included in the kit. Members of the community, students, faculty, staff, and even alumni eagerly donated to help this cause. Seeing the look appreciation on the faces of those who received a Miss JSU College Starter Kit was extremely priceless and heart-warming, which is why this experience has been my most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen.”

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Meet Miss Johnson C. Smith University, Janiya Miller

Hailing from Johnson C. Smith University, Janiya shared

“My most memorable contribution thus far as campus queen has been through a session where I authentically spoke with freshman and sophomore females on this campus about my story and who I am behind the sash, title, crown, and heels. I felt that it was important to reach them on a personal and transparent level to let them know that I too go through the same issues that they do. So being able to contribute myself, my story, and my testimony was nothing but a blessing for me because I know that I blessed one of them and inspired them to continue to push through whatever obstacles they may face.”

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Meet Miss Livingstone College, Shontavia Wright

Hailing from Livingstone College, Shontavia shared

“Working to Summer Bridge Program at Livingstone College. Being able to be a role model as well as mentor for future Blue Bears was more than rewarding.”

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Meet Miss Miles College, Impress Williams

Hailing from Miles College, Impress shared

“My most memorable contribution as campus queen is implementing the Phenomenal Women club on campus. My freshmen year of college I desired to join a fellowship with women, where we encouraged, uplifted and empowered one another. I began to realize that you have to be the change that you want to see. The Phenomenal Women motto is empowering and uplifting the women in the organization, so that we may then, uplift and empower the women in the community and eventually the world. This has been my most memorable contribution to Miles College because I am able to see the growth and impact this program has on many women on campus and in the community. This program is necessary on campus because it assists the women through the issues we face every day.”

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Meet Miss Mississippi Valley State University, Arlencia Barnes

Hailing from Mississippi Valley State University, Arlencia shared


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Meet Miss Morris College, Aun'ye Wilson

Hailing from Morris College, Aun'ye shared

“My most memorable contribution as Miss Morris College was establishing the Kings and Queens Closet. It is a clothing closet for students that are in need of professional attire for interviews, internships and career fairs. The clothing closet is also their for any students that are experiencing a hardship.”

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Meet Miss North Carolina A&T State University, Diamond Mangrum

Hailing from North Carolina A&T State University State, Diamond shared

“Being able to represent my beloved institution has been a dream come true. My most memorable moment has been working with elementary school students at Gillespie Park Elementary. It is so nice to know I am able to be a role model for the next generation and show them that it is cool to be a girl who is smart and love math.”

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Meet Miss North Carolina Central University, Ti'Eja Woodson

Hailing from North Carolina Central University, Ti'Eja shared

“Her favorite quote is, “Fear has two meanings, forget everything and run or face everything and rise. The choice is yours.” And with her continual choice to rise as a trailblazer, Ti’Eja Woodson is sure to reach new heights as a champion. Through her platform, Championship, Ti'Eja has been able to reach several young men and women on campus and encourage them to become champions. As a role model and mentor, Ti'Eja's contribution to her campus has created such a legacy and momentum through service projects, mentoring organizations, and key programs.”

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Meet Miss Philander Smith College, Tatyana Sharkey

Hailing from Philander Smith College, Tatyana shared

“Last semester I reached my lowest point in life thus far. During that time I had an amazing support system there to help me and encourage me to get through it. After finding my peace I noticed a lot of discouragement consuming my campus. So to help shift the spirit, I wrote encouraging words and pictures on sticky notes. Those notes were posted on windows weekly for anyone walking by to pick you and "take a piece of encouragement" with them throughput the day. The impact it had on my campus amazed me and pushes me to keep "Making A Difference Everyday". ”

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Meet Miss Prairie View A&M University, Asia Williams

Hailing from Prairie View A&M University, Asia shared

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen has been my ability to make young ladies on my campus feel good about wearing their natural hair. I wear my natural hair around campus and at games to make sure that young ladies see that they can be beautiful and elegant while rocking their curls.”

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Meet Miss Rust College, Malisha Donald

Hailing from Rust College, Malisha shared

“The most memorable contribution as being a Campus Queen would definitely be the ability to impact and inspire others. I’ve become an inspiration for so many people mentally, physically, and spiritually. Being able to motivate people to be themselves the best way they can, no matter who they may be is truly an humbling and honorable experience. I truly believe be if you can touch at least one person a day you can change the world.”

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Meet Miss Savannah State University, Aaliyah Buckholts

Hailing from Savannah State University, Aaliyah shared

“Thus far, my most memorable contribution has been restarting Queen's Coalition. Queen’s Coalition is an initiative started by a previous Miss Savannah State University and it was an effort to bond and showcase all of the campus queens. As apart of my reign, I wanted to revamp and rebrand the organization so that all of the queens could have an impactful reign, learn from each other, and grow together.”

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Meet Miss Shaw University, Brianna Porter

Hailing from Shaw University, Brianna shared

“Being a campus queen I have severed in multiple capacities such as community service, student leadership, and women's empowerment. However, I would say my most memorable contribution was the ability to serve as a mentor to incoming freshman.”

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Meet 82nd Miss South Carolina State University, Kayla Hasty

Hailing from South Carolina State University, Kayla shared

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen is my ability to connect with the incoming freshmen and their families in order to facilitate a smoother transition into college. Out of my desire to create long-lasting change in the black community, I am using my voice and platform to help others to address the challenging mental health stigma in the black community. Encouraging students to be aware of their mental health so that they will embrace counseling and advocate for mental health improvement resources resulting in happier lives and within campus community.”

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Meet Miss Southern University and A&M College, Alacia Brew

Hailing from Southern University and A&M College, Alacia shared

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen has been The Stuff A Bus Project. During the summer of 2019, my goal was to give back school supplies to students in the community surrounding my university. With the help of friends, family and social media campaigning we were able to raise over $5,000 in donations for students to be prepared for the 2019-2020 school year.”

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Meet Miss Spelman College, Tangela Mitchell

Hailing from Spelman College, Tangela shared

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen (so far!) has been my NBC News interview discussing the significance of HBCUs in America. In the interview, I discuss how the specialized education we receive at Spelman has validated thousands of black women and their experiences, and how HBCUs as a whole do that kind of work on a daily basis. I argue that preserving HBCUs is an American responsibility, as HBCUs embody the American ideal of the purpose of education, that being to serve and transform one’s community. The interview resonated with many of the women on campus and was a collective source of pride for us.”

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Meet Ms. St. Philip's College, Cameron Kirkland

Hailing from St. Philip's College, Cameron shared

“As a member of the Spirit and Pride Crew, we encourage students to show their school spirit and become more involved within the campus. Seeing students join clubs, sports teams, and engage with one another really makes me happy. As college students we have great opportunities to give back, have fun, and make life long friends.”

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Meet Miss Saint Augustine's University 2019-2020, Markyl L. Wilson

Hailing from Saint Augustine's University, Markyl shared

“I am very active on my campus. I am a residential assistant in the female freshman dorm, a peer mentor, a founder and organizer of the SAU section of the NCNW Inc. I also stand as the president.”

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Meet Miss Stillman College, Jalicya Lowery

Hailing from Stillman College, Jalicya shared

“As a campus Queens my most memorable contribution has been having the ability to impact and influence other women around me. Since being Miss Stillman, I have had the opportunity to speak to, work with, and mentor other young women on campus. With these responsibilities, I am required to lead by example and demonstrate excellence in order to promote my platform and empower other young women. My ultimate goal is to exemplify success with ambition and hard-work as the morals that I value in order to impact other young women to dream big and pursue their dreams as I have. It is my goal to see more confidence and success in young minority women to lead and grow into their full potentials. My most memorable contribution as Queen involve me inspiring and empowering other women in the sense of giving back to the youth and bettering their futures, specifically within the community at the local elementary schools.”

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Meet Miss Tennessee State University, Jada Crisp

Hailing from Tennessee State University, Jada shared

“My most memorable contribution has been exuding the confidence of a campus queen. I firmly believe that some people believe in themselves simply because I believe in me. I have dedicated my reign to ensuring my tiger family knows that possibilities are limitless. I strive to be a constant reminder of the journey to opportunity. Because I, too, took that journey to becoming The 90th Miss Tennessee State University.”

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Meet 72nd Miss Texas Southern, Adunola Osinuga

Hailing from Texas Southern University, Adunola shared

“Honestly, this past weekend wearing my military dress uniform had the most impact on my heart because I was my true self in raw form. Many young ladies saw me and didn't know what to say nor expect but I had the opportunity to tell them that Queens can serve in many capacities. People got a chance to feel service & see It through a different perspective, that day my crown was my service cap yet It shined just as bright.”

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Meet Miss University of the District of Columbia, Jasmine Towner

Hailing from The University of the District of Columbia, Jasmine shared

“My most contribution as a Campus Queen has getting my University active in the community, hosting consistent service opportunities catering to the current needs of the community.”

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Meet Miss Tougaloo College, Mallory Greer

Hailing from Tougaloo College, Mallory shared


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Meet Miss Tuskegee University 2019-2020, Simone Amos

Hailing from Tuskegee University, Simone shared

“One of my most memorable contributions, as a campus queen, is the Black Estate event that I hosted. This event was geared towards educating students on how to: own properties for rental purposes, purchase their own homes, and operate a black-owned business. This allowed students to truly get prepared for one of the many responsibilities that come after graduating college; it also taught them another avenue for more than one stream of income.”

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Meet Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Jade West

Hailing from University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB), Jade shared

“With my platform "Breaking Barriers | Bridging the Gaps" I was able to connect with a lot of students on campus through my experiences. During my campaign, I had students fill out index cards with internal barriers they struggled with, which were all confidential and I had a social media balloon release that was symbolic to releasing the barriers people deal with on a regular basis.”

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Meet Miss University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Sarah Adewumi

Hailing from University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Sarah shared

“My most memorable experience so far as a Campus Queen has most definitely been connecting with my university’s new students, mostly comprised of Freshmen and Transfer Students. I was able to host my first event which was a panel discussion with the young women on campus, which turned into a heartfelt open discussion. The emotional and intellectual breakthroughs that I had witnessed in the young women was a reward in itself. Simply hearing how my advice and personal stories made an impact, truly reminded me of why I had wanted to become a Campus Queen, and the feeling was incomparable.”

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Meet Miss Voorhees College, Temah Yarsiah

Hailing from Voorhees College, Temah shared

“My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen is launching Women in Our P.R.I.M.E., which stands for Professional, Resilient, Innovative, Motivating and Economical. While it is still in its early stages, I believe it will serve as a guide for the young women on my campus to reach their ultimate potential and be a true support system for one another.”

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Meet Miss West Virginia State University, AKA Miss State, Ky'Achia Atkins

Hailing from West Virginia State University, Ky'Achia shared

“Thus far my most memorable moment as Miss West Virginia State University was when I was elected to serve as my campus HBCU Queen. I knew that I would use my platform to help unite the gap between the alumni and current students. I am encouraging student involvement to uplift the student body in hopes of bringing a new level of P.R.I.D.E. to the institution. Participation, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence. I believe together we can create an atmosphere that is beneficial to all. I have planned to make a change at State, and thus far, I have already seen growth. I intent on bringing a new excitement of P.R.I.D.E. to West Virginia State University.”

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Meet The 80th Miss Winston-Salem State University, Taylor Walker

Hailing from Winston-Salem State University, Taylor shared

“My platform ‘Royal’Tay: Refining Our Reign’ has been in the making since I was a young child. In college, after running for Miss Sophomore and losing, I began my journey to inner Queendom. What I found is that in what seems like life's lowest moments we often find the biggest blessings. It is the moments where my classmates DM me on social media or when little girls from the community reach out to me to let me know how my presence as a campus queen has inspired them. As Miss WSSU I strive to serve as proud representation of not only my university but for women as a whole. It is important for women – no matter their physical stature, color, race or ethnic background – to feel confident in who they are, how they look, and how they show up. In a world where hate and biases often thrive, loving yourself is the greatest revolution. It is my prayer that as queen I empower ladies of all ages to walk boldly and unapologetically in their Queendom. If you want to know more about my journey to Queendom, watch my docuseries on titled, “Royal’Tay: Journey To The Queendom Documentary (Part 1)”. ”

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Meet Miss Xavier University of Louisiana, Hailey Armstrong

Hailing from Xavier University of Louisiana, Hailey shared

“So far, my most memorable contribution has been showing the student body that anything is possible when you're genuine, dedicated, and plan to be successful. I am the textbook definition of a regular student. I am not an athlete, I do not have a 4.0 GPA, and I am not a member of any Greek social organizations. In addition, I heard some backlash and doubts about me running for this position, because of my sexual orientation. However, I have been well received by administration and my fellow Xavierites, and the support they have shown me is something I will never forget. My reign is helping show everyone that the way a Queen behaves, and the impact she leaves on her campus, is more important than how a Queen looks.”

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