This Friday, June 5, 2020, EBONY is hosting a town hall to address systemic racism at all levels of the criminal justice system. The online event examines the many challenges that exist for black people highlighting bail and unnecessary sentencing for Black men and women living in the United States.

For 75 years EBONY and JET have been the authoritative voice highlighting the injustices of Black Americans from featuring the open casket of the lynching of 14-year old Emmett Till, to the footage of the brutality against nonviolent protesters during the Civil Rights Movement to the need for bail and prison reform. Throughout the years, EBONY has shown the development of Black lives from athletes, inventors, media moguls, and a President. With this rich heritage and legacy, we cannot chart any evolution on the cessation of black lynchings.

Friday’s discussion will feature interviews with experts and thought leaders such as: Fox Sports’ Mike Hill, Equal Justice Now founder Tony Smith, JR. Rev. Samuel C. Tolbert Jr., State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, State Rep. Tenisha Yancey, ACLU policy counsel Kimberly Buddin-Crawford, tech entrepreneur David Bullock and attorney’s Herbert Sanders and Jorge Sanchez and representatives of the National Baptist Convention of America and the NAACP.

“The lawlessness and violence that continue to take the lives of our brothers and sisters; George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery are just among the thousands that continue to cry out that BLACK LIVES MATTER,” said Chief Communications Officer of Ebony Sabrina A. Taylor. “We need all hands on deck to help us organize and strategize about coming together during this critical time.”

Friday’s event will live-stream on ZOOM, Ebony’s Facebook, and YouTube pages. For more information, please or Click here to register.