The right to vote is an important one. Why on earth do you think that we, as African-Americans, have had to fight so vigorously to procure and preserve it?

Don’t believe the struggle is real here in the fictional post-racial America? Check out this country’s current, and still abysmal, record on voters’ rights.

Because of this, the leadership of EBONY Media Operations, implores you to get out and vote this election cycle. We especially cannot afford to be apathetic. Though we try our damndnest (yes, that’s a word) to be fair to both sides of the aisle, it is quite obvious that allowing Donald Trump to put the word “president” in front of his name would be a (in his words) “huuuuuggggeee” mistake. This is a man whose plans for “the African Americans” boil down to telling us it couldn’t possibly get worse for us.

Um. Trust, it really could.

So please, listen to the voices of your ancestors coursing through your blood. Channel your great grandparents who marched for Civil Rights. Go exercise the right that a number of them were brutalized and even died to obtain. Go to the polls, and if someone tries to stop you from getting there, put them fully on blast. Unfortunately, thanks to some Trump supporters, intimidating folks out of their rights to choose our next leader is an actual thing.

We have a chance to put in place a president that our current (and beloved) President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are campaigning hard for, meanwhile making history with the first woman Commander-in-Chief. Hillary Rodham Clinton is THE candidate who can stop the Trumpers, the Birthers and the other “ers” who clearly have no vision for us as a people and don’t even want us at their rallies, friend or foe.

Let’s not be on the wrong side of history here as believe that the other side is fervent, worked up and holding the keys to a “Make America Great Again” time machine that not one of us should want to enter. More importantly, there is no room for all of us in Canada. We checked.

Get up and vote, vote, vote and do the right thing on Nov. 8 or earlier if you can and then show us you voted by tagging us on social media via @ebonymag.