Over the past 15 years, the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) has critiqued films seminal to the Black experience as well as mainstream and critically acclaimed features. As the largest collection of African-American film critics in North America, the AAFCA is highly respected by some of the biggest figures within the industry, including Spike Lee, Jordan Peele and former AAFCA publicist Ava DuVernay.

EBONY Media Operations is proud to announce our new partnership with the collective of film connoisseurs, who will be providing insightful and poignant analysis of the very best Hollywood has to offer, ensuring our voices are represented within cinema dialogue.

“When my colleagues and I are looking at a film, we are looking at more than if it is good or not,” said AAFCA President Gil Robertson IV. “While that may indeed be the bottom line for most of us, a film critic can be a great cheerleader who creates greater awareness about up and coming talent. For those creating the work, the critic can also serve as a constructive voice that points to a filmmaker’s strengths while noting their weaknesses or areas needing improvement. This is certainly what the African American Film Critics Association does and more.”

Indeed, the organization reaches beyond the world of cinema coverage, advocating for creatives of color who produce incredible work that could possibly fly under the radar.

“Throughout the year, AAFCA introduces films, honors trailblazers and facilitates important conversations all around the country,” Robertson continues. “That can take the form of the numerous AAFCA screenings held in various cities to help raise early awareness and bring buzz to films like the reimagined western classic The Magnificent Seven, which trailblazing Black director Antoine Fuqua helmed and Denzel Washington starred.”

The core of its mission, however, is to broaden the scope of film and cultural analysis. Partnering with the historic EBONY brand is a seamless way to reach the audience it takes great pride in representing.

“AAFCA is the largest organization of its kind comprised of Black film critics and they have much insight to share,” Robertson states. “That’s why AAFCA has created this partnership with EBONY to expand the conversation.”