Ben Crump Reaches Largest Police Brutality Settlement in History

In the police brutality case of Randy Cox, Ben Crump aided in securing a $45 million settlement with the city of New Haven, CT. The settlement is the largest that has ever been obtained in the history of police brutality cases in the United States. Last June, Cox was paralyzed while being transported while handcuffed in a police van without a seat belt. Cox's attorney's Ben Crump, Louis Rubano and R.J. Weber released a joint statement expressing their beliefs that, "This settlement sends a message to the country that we know we must be better than this."

Trolls Falsely Accuse Nicki Minaj of Child Abuse

Nicki Minaj is outraged after being the subject of false claims that alleged that she was the perpetrator of child abuse and a house fire. The claims, now proven to be pranks, were from anonymous trolls who sent authorities to investigate her home. Deputies visited her house around 6 pm. and then again at 3 am. Authorities called the visits a"waste of time and resources."

Minaj is reportedly working to get to the bottom of who sent the false reports.