Beyoncé Announces Renaissance Summer Tour

This morning, Beyoncé announced dates for her highly coveted Renaissance tour. The reveal was made via social media posts on her personal and Parkwood's accounts. In light of the controversy surrounding ticket purchasing platforms, fans were able to register for tickets today through a secure Ticketmaster page to ensure they have an equal shot at procuring them. The tour will kick off in Stockholm, Sweden in May.

Issa Rae and Demar Derozan Raise $2.4 For Opening of Destination Crenshaw

Issa Rae and DeMar DeRozan led the charge to secure $2.4 million in support of Los Angeles' Destination Crenshaw, one of the most premiere Black-focused public art program in the world. President and COO of Destination Crenshaw Jason W. Foster today announced that Sankofa Park, the first leg of this $100 million initiative, will open in early fall 2023.

“This project, which is for us and by us, illustrates how Black Angelenos are investing in our own neighborhoods, supporting Black businesses and entrepreneurs," said Issa Rae. "We're simultaneously honoring the cradle of Black arts and entertainment -- which has historically been in the heart of South L.A.” DeMar DeRozan echoed Rae's sentiments. “This is about doing everything we can - doing everything I can – to unite our arts, sports, business and political visions into one, so we make a difference in the community that is responsible for our successes.”

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Confirm 4th Bad Boys Movie

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence confirmed that there would be a new edition to their Bad Boys film franchise. In a video posted to Instagram, Smith drove to Lawrence's house to announce the upcoming fourth movie. The third Bad Boys film was released in 2020. Las July, Lawrence shared to EBONY that the movie was on the horizon and in development.