Closing Arguments Begin in Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial

The defense team and prosecuting attorney delivered closing arguments in the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery Monday, ABC News reports. The jury is expected to begin deliberations Tuesday morning.

Cuomo Investigation Uncovers 'Overwhelming Evidence' of Misconduct

Monday, a report produced from a legislative investigation into former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that the probe found "overwhelming evidence" of misconduct, according to The Associated Press. Amongst the findings, investigators say that they discovered evidence that Cuomo sexually harassed women, instructed state employees to help with the production of his book on pandemic leadership within work hours, and that he "substantially revised" a state health department report on COVID-19 nursing home deaths so that they would portray his administration in a more favorable light.

HBO to Release DMX Documentary

November 25, "Don't Try to Understand,", a documentary that explores a year in the life of DMX, will premiere on HBO and HBO Max, according to Variety. Directed by Christopher Frierson and executive produced by Bill Simmons, the film traces the late rapper's journey to rebuild his career and reconnect with family after his 2019 prison release.

Viral Child Star Antwain Fowler Dead

Child star Antwain Fowler, who went viral for a video clip in which he adorably asks, "Where we 'bout to eat at?" has died. Sunday, the 6-year-old's mother, China, announced his passing on Instagram. While it is unclear how Fowler died, he has been battling autoimmune enterapothy since July 2015, according to a GoFundMe page.