R&B Artist Daniel Caesar Apologizes for 2019 Remarks

After a bit of time away from the spotlight, Daniel Caesar has apologized for remarks he made about the Black community. In 2019, many had a displeasurable response to white social media personality YesJulz wearing a shirt that said “N***as lie a lot” and her justification for wearing it. Caesar came to her defense and said the Black community was "so mean" to white people. Additionally, he welcomed cancellation by the community, which consequentially came after his statements.

In a recent video interview with Apple Music's Nadeska Alexis, the singer reflected on being cancelled and apologized for his statements and his understanding of the backlash he received. “And in time, after taking time to get over myself and to really honestly look at myself and everything that was happening, I was wrong. I was wrong, and I’m sorry about that,” Caesar stated. “For a long time, I was like, ‘You can’t do anything, you can’t say anything without whatever. You can do and say whatever you want, but it’s like for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. And that’s physics. That’s science. That’s one of those things that the knowledge of that can literally put my mind at ease where I’m like, oh, I did deserve. What happened happened because I deserved it, because I knocked the domino over and set a course in motion.”

Florida State Rep. Webster Barnaby Makes Disgraceful Rants About Transgender People

During a committee hearing on the Safety in Private Spaces Act, Florida State Representative Webster Barnaby went on a nasty tirade about his views on transgender people.

"We have people that live among us today on planet Earth that are happy to display themselves as if they were mutants from another planet. This is the planet Earth with God-created men, male, and women, female," said the representative. "That’s right, I called you demons and imps who come and parade before us and pretend that you are part of this world." The bill would make it illegal for individuals to utilize the restroom that best matches their gender identity and not their "biological sex." Barnaby, who said that he was firm in his support of the bill as a Conservative Christian, has since apologized for his comments.

Brittney Griner to Write Memoir

Months after being released from detainment in Russia, professional basketball player Brittney Griner shared that she is ready to release a memoir about her experience. In a statement shared today by Alfred A. Knopf, Griner said, "That day [in February] was the beginning of an unfathomable period in my life which only now am I ready to share."

"The primary reason I traveled back to Russia for work that day was because I wanted to make my wife, family and teammates proud. After an incredibly challenging 10 months in detainment, I am grateful to have been rescued and to be home," she continued. "Readers will hear my story and understand why I’m so thankful for the outpouring of support from people across the world."