Funeral Services for Takeoff to Take Place This Friday

Since his death last week, eulogies and statements of grief continue to pour out of the hip hop community in memory of rapper Takeoff. His funeral service will take place at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, November 11th. Justin Bieber is allegedly scheduled to perform during the service. Tickets to the service are sold out.

Dave Chappelle to Appear on SNL for the Third Time

This upcoming Saturday, Dave Chappelle is slated to appear on Saturday Night Live for the third time. Over the past year, Chappelle has been under fire for his negative statements regarding the trans community. He addressed these statements in a Netflix special that was released earlier this year. “When I heard those talking points coming out of these children’s faces, that really, sincerely, hurt me,” he shared when referencing an interaction he had with students at his alma mater. “Because I know those kids didn’t come up with those words. I’ve heard those words before. The more you say I can’t say something, the more urgent it is for me to say it."

University of Kentucky Student Who Assaulted Black Student Worker in Viral Video to Withdraw

22-year-old University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing will be withdrawing from the school following a viral video which showed her assaulting a Black student. In the video, Rosing was seen repeatedly hitting the first-year student, named Kylah Spring, and calling her the N-word. Those who have seen the video have commended Spring for her composure and handling the situation as best she could. An attorney for Rosing stated that she is "a very, very embarrassed and humiliated young lady," and that they will be "getting her into some kind of treatment program and sensitivity program to help her through this situation."